Depths Of Osiris

The Adventure Story:

You and your team are the owners of the deep-sea platform Oceanus 5, which has finally discovered the lost Temple of Osiris. Now it’s up to you and your team of specialists to gain access to the temple and retrieve the legendary amulet inside which gives protection against evil, danger, and disease which is needed to save all humanity. Can you do it before your oxygen runs out?

This adventure is an underwater deep-sea mission that you and your team will have to solve ancient puzzles, fend off sharks, and try to make your way out alive! Time is of the essence. Good Luck!

Things to know:

Adventure type: Escape Room
Players: 2-4
Time: 45 minutes
Ages: 11+

Note: Requires minimum 2 Players. Max 4 players per play area. If your booking is larger than this, then your booking will be split into groups.

TIP: You will get 3 hints to figure out how to escape. Try to save them as much as you can. See you soon.

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