No cancellations or refunds on
the same day.

When you book your reservation, you have priority over someone without a reservation. Also, other people are waiting for the space that you have reserved. Therefore, we do not give refunds for cancellations or allow rescheduling on the same day. Please make sure when you are booking your reservation that you are able to attend your booking on time. Payment is required for booking. Thank you.

Please Don’t Be Late

It’s all about timing. We ask that you arrive 10 minutes early so you can check in for the introduction to your JJ’s FunHouse VR experience. We will go over equipment instructions, virtual boundary rules, space assignments and the adventure that you have chosen. This is very important and if you are late, you risk losing time from your session. Please be on time. It is your responsibility.

Booking your Adventure
  • Please make sure you read the waiver and accept the Terms and Conditions when booking.
  • Full payment is required in advance of all scheduled bookings.  Payment can be completed online.
  • You will receive an email confirmation containing your approved booking details. Please bring this with you.

Start planning your adventure.